Tuesday, 6 December 2011

SEGA MOD FTW! Wooden Saturn

I think this is the first Saturn Laptop in the world. Correct me if I'm wrong. This has been built as a commission work and I'm already paid for.

* CNC-cut case(also available as kit if anyone's interested),
* CNC artwork aplied to the case first time by me,
* 5" Sony PSOne screen w/o led mod,
* Slightly shorter, narrower and thicker than Original Saturn case,
* 3 step-down power regulators used inside,
* EL wire used to look stylish,
* All the case looks very loyal to the original Saturn case,
* Stereo sound with composite video,
* Official Saturn and Sega logos applied as engravings and artwork,
* Cooling fan used to prevent any hot air inside the case(just in case of need;) though original Saturn does not use,
* Original Saturn Power and Reset units used,
* Powers on 9v 4A DC adapter,

Son travail posté sur le forum BENHECK

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ZikZak said...

Isn't that the logo of the car brand ?
What a terrible choice ! The guy is definitely not a fan of this beautiful machine for doing such a mistake.

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